NYC License Revocation Attorneys Russ Kofman and Arthur Lebedin Discusses What Happens After License Revocation

NYC license revocation attorneys Russ Kofman and Arthur Lebedin ( release a new article explaining what happens after license revocation. The lawyers mention that if an individual is caught driving with a BAC of over 0.08, the judge will suspend their license on an alcohol-related arrest.

“There is something called a Pringle Hearing, which has come down from the courts of New York. If you actually have a reading that is 0.10 or lower, and if your attorney makes the proper arguments, then you should be able to keep your license after the Pringle Hearing. However, we do not see these arguments advanced very often,” says the NYC license revocation attorneys.

NYC license revocation attorney

Attorney Russ Kofman explains that an individual may be able to get a hardship license at the arraignment if the person or their attorney successfully argues that they have a genuine hardship. With a hardship license, the court will set a schedule for a hearing where the defendant can present the routes they take to work, how they will get there, and how long it would take them to get there.

Defense attorney Arthur Lebedin adds that if the judge finds that there is enough reason to allow the defendant a hardship license, the defendant may be able to get one. However, this means that the defendant needs to have a fixed location of work to which they will go on specific days of the week.

In the article, the lawyers also discuss that people who are convicted of a misdemeanor DWI or higher are required to have an interlock device installed. The device can be very expensive and can be installed for a period of a year. While the device is installed, the defendant will have to keep it monitored.

According to attorney Russ Kofman, “For a hardship license, you would have to testify and attest that there is no one else in your family who can drive you and that a hardship license will be the only way you can get to and from work. You will not be allowed to drive near certain locations during the day, or else you will not be able to get a hardship license. You would not be able to do anything other than wait 30 days and then get a conditional driver’s license 30 days after you were arrested and arraigned.”

Lastly, attorney Kofman emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when facing DUI charges. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the defendant understand their rights and protect their freedom.

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