Landon Ash Introduces The Big Horn Bison Ranch to Revitalize American Bison Populations

Landon Ash launches The Big Horn Bison Ranch in Wyoming, blending conservation with culinary heritage to revive American bison populations

SHERIDAN, WY / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2024 / In a notable effort to blend conservation with culinary heritage, Landon Ash, founder of Xtreme Concepts and Musket Powder, announces the launch of The Big Horn Bison Ranch in Sheridan, Wyoming. This new initiative is aimed at reviving the American bison populations, honoring family traditions, and offering sustainable food sources.

Located in Sheridan, Wyoming, The Big Horn Bison Ranch aims to revive the American bison populations, honor family traditions, and offer sustainable food sources.

Ash, drawing inspiration from his grandfather Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Sr., the founder of Golden Flakes Snack Foods, and conservationist Ted Turner, has crafted a modern approach to an age-old practice. "Our ancestors valued the bison for its strength, nutrition, and cultural importance. By bringing back this iconic species, we honor our past while building a sustainable future," stated Ash.

The Conservation Effort

Focused on ecological sustainability and animal welfare, The Big Horn Bison Ranch is set to become a sanctuary for the bison and represent all four subspecies, aiming to restore them to their original genetic vigor, particularly emphasizing the Yellowstone genetic line. "Our herd is tested at Texas A&M and our goal is to restore the bison to their genetic purity, as they were before the great overhunting and crossbreeding of the late 19th and early 20th century," Ash said. "This ensures we preserve a crucial part of our natural heritage."

The Big Horn Ranch is set to become a sanctuary for the bison, aiming to restore genetic vigor, especially the Yellowstone genetic line.

Culinary Innovations and Conservation Synergy

The ranch will not only serve as a conservation model but will also produce high-quality bison meat products, including meat sticks, jerky, ground meat, and steaks. To complement these offerings, Musket Powder will introduce a special spice blend designed specifically for bison meat, enhancing its natural flavors and catering to gourmet preferences.

"We are excited to introduce consumers to bison as a sustainable and healthy protein source, significantly supported by our unique culinary products," said Ash. This initiative also features partnerships with Musket Powder and Gator Coolers to ensure that freshly processed bison meat is delivered directly to consumers, combining convenience with quality.

A Sustainable Business Model

The integration of conservation goals with commercial interests underscores a sustainable business model that promotes environmental stewardship while maintaining economic growth. "By aligning our conservation efforts with our business operations, we ensure that both the bison and our heritage thrive together," Ash noted.

Through these efforts, The Big Horn Bison Ranch is setting a precedent for how businesses can operate in harmony with nature while contributing positively to the community and the economy. Landon Ash's vision encapsulates a deep respect for history, a commitment to the environment, and a forward-looking approach to food and conservation.

Why Bison instead of Cattle

One of the principles guiding Ash is the idea that raising bison contributes to ecosystem balance. "Bison turn up the ground, mow down grasses, and help maintain a balanced ecosystem," Ash noted. "They aren't just bison ranches; they are grass ranches, and we chose bison to steward the land. Healthy alternatives to restoring the grasslands to what Mother Nature intended it to be. Man has altered the cycle. That's why we chose bison as the primary agricultural product."

"Ted Turner's success shows us what's possible when we commit to preserving our natural heritage," Ash explained. "I want to contribute to this legacy by focusing on the best genetics for our bison here in Wyoming."

Why Sell Their Meat?

Many people are unaware that commercial bison farming actually promotes their conservation instead of threatening their numbers. By managing bison herds responsibly, we can maintain their genetic diversity, prevent diseases, and ensure they have the right conditions to thrive. It's about finding the right balance between ecological preservation and economic viability. This approach not only helps protect and grow the bison population but also ensures they remain healthy and robust for future generations.

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The Big Horn Bison Ranch integrates conservation goals with commercial interests, underscoring a sustainable business model that promotes environmental stewardship while maintaining economic growth.

About Landon Ash

Landon Ash is a visionary entrepreneur, brand strategist, and dedicated conservationist. He is the founder of Xtreme Concepts, Musket Powder, and now The Big Horn Bison Ranch, reflecting his passion for innovation, tradition, and environmental stewardship. His diverse ventures exemplify his commitment to bringing positive change to both the marketplace and the natural world.

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